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Huckster License

The Trade and Professional Act Chapter 92:01 governs Huckster licenses.

Who pays this license?

Persons carrying on a business using a Motor Vehicle and persons using a Stall or Tray exposing goods, wares, merchandise or provision (other than livestock or any produce of a thing made or manufactured in Domininca) for sale otherwise than in a building.

When is the license due?

It is due on or before January 31, every year.

How much does the license cost?

There are two types of Hucksters license:

  • Itinerant Huckster license which is $250.00 and is paid by persons who use a motor vehicle for carrying on the business of selling goods, wares,merchandise or provisions
  • The Other Huckster license is paid by persons who operate their business by using a Tray or Stall for exposing their goods as stated in the Act. The license is $50.00

Are there returns to be filed?

Remittances are sent to the taxpayer on an annual basis reminding them of their hucksters license.

What is the fee late?

10% of the license fee will be charged for any late payments.

Are there criminal penalties?

Any person found guilty of an offence against the act is liable to a fine of $5000.00 and (or) six months imprisonment.