How can one Register or Re-register a Motor Vehicle?

A motor Vehicle can be registered by firstly completing a Motor Vehicle Registration form (Form C.D.P.F.2). This form is available at the Inland Revenue Division office on High Street. The form must be signed by the owner and the owner must be at least 18 years of age.

On completion of the registration form it should be presented to the Traffic Department (located next to the Inland Revenue Division on High Street) along with the import documents from the Customs and Excise Division where it will certified and stamped by an authorised officer. Then proceed to the Inland Revenue Division with the same along with the registration fee where the vehicle will be registered. On registering the vehicle a registration number (plate number) will be provided. Motor Vehicle Registration fees are as follows:

Motor Vehicle or Trailer       $100.00

Motor Cycle                                $40.00


Once the vehicle has been registered it must be then be insured prior to inspection by an authorised officer of the Traffic Department. Evidence of insurance and registration must be presented to the inspecting officer. Once the vehicle is deemed to be road worthy, the inspecting officer will issue an inspection certificate. That certificate along with the evidence of insurance must be taken to the Inland Revenue Division's High Street Office where payment of inspection fee, licence fee and highway maintenance levy will be made. The inspection fee is EC$40; the motor vehicle licence is based on the weight of the vehicle, the type of vehicle and what it is used for (eg. commercial, private, trucks, dumpers); and a Highway Maintenance Levy (Highway Maintenance Levy Act, 2015 effective September 1st, 2015 and payable annually) is as follows:

Private vehicles                                  $100.00

Trucks, dumpers and trailers        $150.00

Commercial Vehicles                        $150.00

Motor Cycles                                         $50.00


The registration of a motor vehicle shall remain valid so long as the vehicle is kept in use, and shall only be cancelled if the Traffic Department is satisfied that the vehicle has been destroyed or rendered permanently unserviceable or permanently removed from Dominica, or if it has not been relicensed for two consecutive years. 

The owner of any motor vehicle which has been destroyed or rendered permanently unserviceable or has been permanently removed from the State must notify the Licensing Authority of that fact within one month of the happening of the event.


How can one transfer a Motor Vehicle to another person?

Where a registered owner intends to transfer a motor vehicle to another person/new owner, the registered owner and new owner must complete, sign and present (in person) an application for transfer as well as valid IDs to an authorised officer of the Traffic Department on High Street. Where the new owner satisfies the officer that the registered owner is out of the State an application by the new owner accompanied by a note of change of ownership issued by the registered owner and notarized may be accepted. If the owner of the motor vehicle is deceased a Letter of Administration or a Will must be provided in order to execute a transfer. Application for transfer (Letter of Transfer) forms can be downloaded from the Inland Revenue Division's website and are available at the Division's office on High Street. 

Upon presentation of the application and supporting documents, the authorised officer will review and if he/she is satisfied that the requirements have been met, will endorse the application. The endorsed application along with the transfer fee of EC$40.00 must be taken to the Inland Revenue Division to effect the change in the register. All applications must be received and processed within three weeks after the change of ownership.


What are the requirements if one intends to change the use of a licensed vehicle?

Where the owner of a motor vehicle which is registered for use for a particular purpose intends to use that vehicle for some other purpose he shall, before using that vehicle for that other purpose, apply (Motor Vehicle Registration form) to the Traffic Department for registration of the vehicle for use for that other purpose.  The application shall be dealt with as if the vehicle had not previously been registered but the fee payable for such a registration shall be the fee prescribed for an amendment of the register and the licence fee applicable for new purpose.